An Array of Locksmith Services

Oklahoma City Locksmiths

Locksmiths provide an array of different services that pertain to locks and security for homes and businesses. They are experts in the field and rightly so, as we all depend upon locks of some kind throughout our lives to protect our property.

One area where you will want to use an experienced locksmith is when you move into a new home. You will definitely want to have your locks changed, as you can’t really know how many realtors and others have passed through and how many copies of keys are out there. A good locksmith can change the locks without having to buy new locks for the whole house. Locksmith OKC – Okey Locksmith provides high quality home lock changes.

The classic need for a locksmith happens when we lock our keys in the car. It is even worse when we are out of town and we lock our keys in the car while it is running. You can find a locksmith in your area on your mobile phone and call right away to have the situation alleviated.

There are even times when you leave home in the evening, perhaps for you and your spouse to go out for dinner, and you forget and leave the house key at home. Of course a call to a locksmith will bring a mobile unit out to unlock your door for you.

Security locks can be added to your doors and windows which can be easily operated and unlocked by you, but will make a break-in that much more difficult for an intruder. Any delay in opening a door or window usually will send a potential burglar on to the next house.

If your keys are stolen or just lost a locksmith can change your locks and give you a new set of keys. You can never be sure that someone hasn’t stolen your keys and will now want to use them for nefarious purposes. Getting the locks changed with a new key set is the way to go.

If you break a key off in a lock, a locksmith can remove the key, and repair the lock if need be. Sometimes the key gets worn or the lock itself becomes difficult to use as the mechanisms become worn. You might even need a new lock in these circumstances.

If your home has been broken into, you will definitely want to have all of your locks changed as soon as possible. Right after you call the police, you should contact a locksmith and have him come to change all of the locks, install a better security system as well as an alarm system if you don’t already have one.

Locksmiths also know all of the ways to give your home or business further security measures than you now have. If you are concerned about the security level of your home, a locksmith can evaluate your current setup, and advise you on what additional things you can do to provide a better security situation.

If you are a business owner, all of the previous examples will also apply, however there are some additional items that will need to be attended to by an experienced locksmith.

If you hire or fire new employees who are to have access to any keyed areas, you will have to have the locks changed. You also will have security needs that will be ongoing such as alarms, cameras and other needs for which your locksmith can advise you.

Ask about 24 hour availability from a locksmith, for you never know when an event might occur where you need a locksmith right away, as incidents can happen any time during the day or at night. It is great peace of mind that you can have a locksmith available at any time.

If you have valuables that you keep at your home such as jewelry, guns, rare coins or such items, your locksmith can advise you about special safes and camouflaged methods of keeping these things safe. There are many ways to hide things in plain sight, so to speak, where an intruder would never suspect things are hidden.

Most locksmiths are trained by becoming an apprentice, which is not always an easy route. Not all practicing locksmiths are ready, willing and able to tutor a new fledgling recruit into the business who might become his competition. While there are schools that provide education in the field, they are not very numerous.

A high school diploma is required, and whether a locksmith chooses a school or an apprenticeship, the goal is to receive a locksmithing certificate, which will qualify the new locksmith to practice the trade. It usually takes more education and experience too as some states require licensing with work experience to go out on your own.

Locksmiths are very will trained in the art of locks, how they work, and other security methods. Contact a locksmith with any security measures that you feel should be taken as far as the security for your home or business is concerned.

Concrete Foundation Repair Hints

The foundation is supposed to be the strongest aspect of any building; be it commercial or residential. However, circumstances arise that lead to the destruction of the foundation. The structural strength of the concrete caves in to the external forces of destruction. These destructive elements include flood water, tremors, or even the pressure from falling objects. The result of which are ugly cracks in the basement; on the foundation wall or the floor itself.

Foundation cracks, if uncontained, can widen over time causing more severe structural problems. These cracks are not only ugly to the eye, but they pose a serious threat to the value of the house. In fact, the appearance of cracks in the foundation is the very first sign of a depreciating property that no one wants to buy. But I expect you already know the consequences of foundation weaknesses.

Our intention in this article is not to dwell on the destructive nature of concrete foundation cracks, but instead we are trying to provide the homeowner with reliable and fast solutions to the problem. There are numerous methods of repairing concrete foundations (whether unstable or settled). The technical terms for concrete foundation repairs include piering, foundation lifting, and foundation stabilization.

If you have the stomach for it, concrete foundation repairs are pretty straightforward tasks to accomplish. However, your best chances of restoring your foundation in due time and in a cost-effective manner lie in acquiring professional help. That will be purely up to you though. We shall only take you through the concrete foundation repair methods that are there and using your judgment you can make up your mind on the way forward.

Let us take a look at the repair methods, shall we?

Foundation cracks are the easiest to repair. Unlike other problems that may involve disruptive excavations and drain tile procedures, foundation cracks can be sealed off using epoxy and Urethane injection. Epoxy is the first to be injected into the crack and this is done up to 6 inches deep into the open crack.

Urethane is then injected into the already filled crack to allow the epoxy to expand and fill the existing void completely. Once the void is filled the foundation regains its structural strength.

  • Bowed Foundation Repair

Sometimes the underlying pressure from the soil beneath can be too much causing the foundation walls to deflect inwards. This is the worst kind of concrete foundation damage to expect as the outcome can be catastrophic if not corrected in time. Such bowed concrete walls can best be repaired by installing temporary braces on the interior side.
At the same time the exterior ground has to be excavated around the bowed section of the walls. Once that is done, the walls are mechanically pushed back in place. A steel rebar is then inserted vertically into each block before the wall is pumped with concrete. The concrete is then given ample time to cure fully.
You have to wait for at least a week before you remove the braces from the foundation. The best thing about this method of repairing bowed foundations is that in addition to pushing the wall back in place; it further leaves the structure more stable protecting it from future damage. This method does not involve the permanent installation of unsightly plates and screws that are often used in other foundation repair methods.

  • Repair By Carbon Fiber Reinforcements

This method originated from the military and aerospace industry. Due to the demanding nature of the industry, in terms of structural integrity of buildings, the use of carbon fiber reinforcements was preferred over the other methods due to its strength and inherent ability to resist elongation.
Carbon fiber provides the required reinforcement to the deteriorating concrete basement by putting the interior of the walls under compression. This ensures that continued bowing and cracking does not occur again.
In conclusion, the above are the main methods that can be used to repair concrete foundation cracks and other structural basement weaknesses. Other methods worth mentioning include the leaning chimney, quad power piering system, and lifting sunken foundation. The methods we have discussed above all have their advantages and disadvantages. The first method might be cheaper but it doesn’t seem to guarantee the level of structural strength that comes with the other two methods.

You should therefore tread very carefully before you make the decision on which method to use. You should also consider the extent of the damage that your basement has already sustained.